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Germany is known for having great engineering through its vibrant culture of innovation inspiring new steps forward within different industries and bridging gaps between consumer needs and wants. However, as sustainability becomes increasingly ever so important production processes have had to change and new ideas are required leading to the establishment of new startups focused on sustainability.
This article delves into five sustainability startups from Germany that are gaining traction in the tech world and beyond. These startups are not only increasing accessibility to sustainability but also fostering a more environmentally conscious consumer base. By making sustainable practices more convenient and affordable, they are empowering individuals and businesses to make a positive impact on the planet without sacrificing their lifestyles or budgets.
Heatrix is a cutting-edge climate startup that aims to revolutionise energy-intensive industries by converting renewable electricity into storable, high-temperature process heat, thereby replacing fossil fuels. This innovative solution emerged in response to a significant market gap, as no carbon-neutral alternative was readily accessible.
Heatrix’s product improves energy storage capacity by converting renewable energy into high-temperature heat. By reducing local carbon emissions, it significantly contributes to decarbonization efforts. The €75,000 backing recently received from the European Commission confirms the validity of this approach.
The startup has proven its value by winning the Start Up Energy Transition Award in the Industry category. It offers new alternatives that expand the options available to consumers of sustainable energy, thus making a significant impact on the standards and definition of green energy that can store industrial process heat.
Founded in 2019, the Munich-based startup eevie has empowered organisations and individuals to become more responsible for their own carbon footprint through their self-developed platform. Their platform offers tools and resources to promote and track sustainable practices by setting environmental goals. eevie has developed an app that aims to “gamify” consumer responses to their consumption patterns, making the process of taking environmental initiatives more engaging and enjoyable
Their app empowers employees to accelerate workplace decarbonisation efforts by fostering knowledge and understanding of targets and their importance. As a result, eevie helps companies come closer to the net-zero goal.
Eevie was selected for the 2023 class of the Google for Startups Accelerator program, which provided eevie with an opportunity to expand its knowledge and skills but also demonstrates the significance of its mission in furthering sustainability practices. This recognition from Google validates the importance and relevance of eevie’s approach to promoting environmental awareness.
ecolytiq, a green fintech startup, has revolutionized responsible banking with its innovative Sustainability-as-a-Service solution. This groundbreaking platform empowers banks, fintechs, and financial service providers to offer their customers valuable insights into the environmental impact of their spending habits.
Through analysis of payment data, the software determines key environmental metrics, such as CO2 emissions, associated with each purchase consumers make. This real-time insight allows consumers to understand the immediate environmental consequences of their spending choices, cultivating a deeper connection between daily actions and sustainability goals.
In two rounds of funding, Ecolytiq has raised $14.3 million from companies including Visa, Google, and PWC Germany. Visa’s CEO Charlotte Hogg commented that “ecolytiq enables banks and their customers to raise awareness of the positive impact they can make. The company has gone from strength to strength in the past two years, and we’re proud to support the next stage of their growth.”
NexWafe is a solar technology startup focused on creating more sustainable and efficient solar wafers.
Compared to traditional solar wafers, those produced by NexWafe are 30% more efficient due to their lower oxygen content, achieved through the use of its unique epitaxy production technique. The startup’s groundbreaking method of production to create solar wafers allows for up to a 60% reduction in carbon emissions. Widespread adoption could result in attaining greater carbon credits, potentially upwards of 600% from current projections of the estimated $60 million value.
Through a €30 million investment, NexWafe has expanded its operations by constructing a new facility dedicated to the production of solar wafers. Furthermore, the startup is due to participate in the $1.5 billion Aramco Ventures Sustainability Fund. With continued investment allowing the scale of operations to increase and its unique solar technology, it is expected that the NetWafe solar wafers will become dominant not only in the German market but abroad. 
Air Up offers a unique approach to flavoured drinking water by using scent-based technology. The company’s water bottles come with special pods that release natural flavours through scent, deceiving the brain into perceiving the water as flavoured without adding any actual flavouring or sweeteners to the water itself. 
There are many health benefits that come with this approach, for example, Air Up promotes hydration without the added sugars or artificial ingredients found in many flavoured beverages which can lead to type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
The bottles and pods are designed to be reusable which aims to reduce the environmental impact compared to singular-use plastic bottles and other flavoured drinks by up to 88%. This also helps contribute to lower environmental pollution and the effects on oceans and wildlife, promoting a sustainable alternative to an everyday essential.
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