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Better Than You Found It: Guide to Eco-Friendly Travel
With summer upon us, all we can think about is our next escape. But whether we’re planning a weekend getaway or a big international vacation, we want to make sure that we’re also thinking about how to preserve the destinations we’re visiting for future generations, and to change our travel habits to meet the needs of our planet. That’s why we’re highlighting tips and guides to help protect the world we share as we embark on our summer travel plans. We’re also spotlighting the people working toward a more climate-positive future and the places worthy of an eco-minded trip. We hope these stories inspire and energize you to reconsider how you experience the world on your next adventure.
Better Than You Found It is a guide to sustainable adventures and journeys for travelers who care.

The Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie
Protecting the last remains of a diverse and important ecosystem that was once synonymous with the middle of the United States.
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The trail gave a historical town a new life and a new identity.
The Best Way to See the Grand Canyon Is from a Raft with the Hualapai Tribe
My two-day experience with the Hualapai River Runners.
The Danish Island That Makes More Energy Than It Uses Is Also a Beautiful Paradise
Bask in cycle-worthy roads, scenic beaches, and more.
7 Easy Tips for Traveling More Sustainably
Make a big impact with just a few small changes.
The Greenest Countries on Earth Are Also Absolutely Stunning
Ethical wanderlust never looked so good.
10 Products to Help You Reduce Your Waste While Traveling
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How to Appreciate, and Then Eradicate, California’s Least Favorite Wildflower
The flowers are pretty, but also invasive.