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The new president in Tehran is likely to renew outreach to the United States.
Jul 9, 2024 / Bob Dreyfuss
Texas leaders promised that the ban, enacted 10 months before Roe was overturned, would “save” newborn lives.
Jul 9, 2024 / Mary Tuma
From his perch in the nation’s highest office, the president has positioned himself as the underdog—against elected Democratic representatives.
Jul 9, 2024 / Chris Lehmann
Lise Meitner (1878–1968), Austrian physicist. Nettie Stevens (1861–1912), American geneticist. Ángela Ruiz Robles (1895–1975), Spanish teacher, writer, pioneer and inventor. Mary A…
Jul 9, 2024 / Adriana Mosquera Soto
The entertainment behemoth deleted 25 years of the groundbreaking network’s content prior to its new merger with Skydance—and things are likely to get much worse.
Jul 9, 2024 / Ben Schwartz
Is the Netanyahu administration planning to rake in cash on the site of an ethnic cleansing?
Jul 9, 2024 / Column / Kate Wagner
From Colt to Caterpillar, American companies are earning big profits off of Israel’s ongoing assault on Gaza, turning the horrors of war into boardroom victories.
Jul 9, 2024 / Feature / Spencer Ackerman
A bitter foe of “pretend politics,” she always said she wanted “to teach people: Can we have the confidence to win?”
Jul 9, 2024 / Obituary / D.D. Guttenplan
The socialist mayor of Paris has promised that the Olympics can make Paris greener, cleaner, and safer. With the left triumphant, will this actually happen?
Jul 8, 2024 / Dave Zirin and Jules Boykoff
As Joe Biden flirts with the Samson Option—threatening to bring his party to ruin in November—he needs to realize that the election isn’t just about him.
Jul 8, 2024 / Jeet Heer