Copenhagen to reward tourists for eco-friendly tasks, behavior | Daily Sabah – Daily Sabah

While several European cities are exploring innovative ways to manage the influx of visitors, the Danish capital, Copenhagen, announced a new initiative through which the city will reward tourists who take part in climate-friendly tasks.
As global tourism continues to grow, leading European tourism hubs such as Barcelona and Venice have started taking measures to tackle overtourism, including introducing entrance fees, visitor zones and tourist taxes.

However, Copenhagen is moving with a different approach – rewarding visitors who act responsibly.
The tourism office of the Danish capital said that the city will reward tourists who participate in climate-friendly tasks. “Copenhagen attractions reward climate-friendly actions,” the office said in a statement.

“All our choices have an environmental impact, so why not make conscious decisions that benefit us all and be rewarded for them?” it added.
Introducing the pilot project named “CopenPay,” which will be in force from July 15 until Aug. 11, the office said the reward will be done via this application.
It further mentioned, “Based on the evaluation, we hope to reintroduce CopenPay as a year-round, green payment experience within the economy and broaden the concept to other parts of Denmark and the rest of the world.”
“Earn rewards at Copenhagen attractions ranging from a free lunch or a cup of coffee to a kayak tour or even a free entrance to a museum,” the statement said.

“All you need to do is, for instance, bike instead of drive, help maintain the city, work in an urban garden or pledge to sustainable behavior,” it noted.
Explaining the new application, the office said the purpose of CopenPay was “to encourage sustainable behavior and enrich the cultural experience of visitors and residents in Copenhagen by transforming green actions into currency for cultural experiences.”
“The campaign about CopenPay only runs in Copenhagen and it is not intended to increase tourism,” it stated.
“With CopenPay, we’re empowering people to experience more of what Copenhagen offers while placing less burden on our planet,” the office quoted Mikkel Aaro Hansen, CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen, as saying.
“It's about creating meaningful and memorable experiences that are enjoyable and environmentally responsible,” he said, according to the statement.
About how the application will work, the office noted that to take part in it is a simple act.
“Tourists and residents can redeem rewards by showing proof of green actions, such as train tickets or bicycles,” it said, adding: “These actions include cycling, participating in cleanup efforts or volunteering at urban farms.”
“Participants can show proof, such as train tickets or photos of themselves biking or participating in cleanup efforts,” it highlighted. “CopenPay is built on trust.”
“CopenPay encourages the use of bicycles, public transportation and participation in environmental activities, which collectively reduce the city’s carbon emissions by promoting greener modes of transportation and waste reduction,” it emphasized.