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January 22, 2024
BATON ROUGE – A strong STEM education can give Louisiana students the skills they need to pursue both college and a rewarding career path. 
LSU’s Department of Environmental Sciences, or DES, is teaming up with the Lutrill & Pearl Payne School of Education to create a pathway that will help ensure students have access to a quality STEM education at the middle school and high school levels – while also addressing the significant shortage of certified teachers in the state.  
Called the MAT-S Environmental Science Certification Pathway, this new pathway allows LSU students in the DES Masters program to get both a Masters in Teaching from the School of Education and also a certification that allows them to teach environmental science in middle and high schools in Louisiana. 
Students who are enrolled in the in-person Master of Environmental Sciences degree can dual enroll in the Holmes Secondary (Grades 6-12) Master of Arts in Teaching program during the last year of their program. Successful completion of both programs leads to two master’s degrees- the Master of Environmental Sciences degree, as well as a MAT-S degree, with teaching certification in Environmental Sciences for grades 6-12 in Louisiana. 
“This program is an excellent opportunity for students with who care deeply about the environment to share their knowledge and passion as they shape young minds,” said Sibel Bargu Ates, the Associate Dean of Academics with CC&E, where the Department of Environmental Sciences is located. 
“We are passionate about preparing highly qualified teachers who can make an immeasurable impact throughout their careers,” said Laura Choate, EdD, director of the Lutrill & Pearl Payne School of Education, “We’re excited to partner with the LSU CC&E on such an innovative approach to two crucial issues in our state: providing more science teachers for our classrooms, and ensuring future generations of Louisianans have a strong STEM background so they may one day pursue careers that address crucial coast and environment issues in our state and beyond.” 
After being accepted into the Master of Environmental Sciences program, interested students should complete dual enrollment paperwork to be accepted into the MATS – Environmental Science Certification Pathway program. Once accepted into the MAT-S program, students will complete the pathway by passing required MATS courses, completing a year-long residency, and passing the Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades 7-12 Praxis exam.
Interested students can contact Dr. Emily Dare with the Lutrill & Pearl Payne School of Education or Dr. Brian Snyder with the Department of Environmental Sciences.

College of the Coast & Environment
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