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Dec. 13 2022, Published 2:39 p.m. ET
Candles are staples in many households — especially during Jewish homes during the eight nights of Hanukkah. However, many of us are painfully aware of the environmental harm that can come with burning them.
Many candles unfortunately contain paraffins, some are made from petroleum, and others contain nasty fragrances and other toxins. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite eco-friendly Hanukkah candles to use this holiday season.
All of the options we’ve listed below are all-natural, and many of them are fully vegan. So, with that in mind, prepare to light up that menorah, without feeling like you’re negatively impacting dear old Mother Earth.
Honey Candles’ all natural beeswax candles are free of toxic ingredients, they’re hand-dipped, and they burn with a warm, yellow glow. All of the wicks are made from paper or cotton, and they’re made without any harmful ingredients that you wouldn’t want to permeate throughout your home. The candles, which are made in Canada, are also also zinc- and lead-free, ensuring that your holiday is safe as can be.
This Hanukkah In A Box Set Includes A Silver-Plated Menorah, A Box Of 44 Multicolor Candles, 5 Toy Dreidels With Hanukkah Gelt Play Money, And A Hanukkah Celebration Guide. All Arrive Nicely Packaged In The Pictured Gift Box.
Traditions Jewish Gifts’ Organic Vegetable Wax Chanukah Candles are another solid option. Not only are they hand-dipped, but they’re also biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and petroleum-free. Made from a combination of soy oil, palm oil, and beeswax, they burn cleanly for more than an hour. The wicks are also made from 100 percent cotton, and they’re lead-free — so you can rest assured you won’t be breathing in any toxic fumes.
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Because beeswax is an animal byproduct (as it’s made by bees), beeswax candles are all-natural, but they obviously are not vegan. Therefore, for many, it’s crucial to find fully plant-based options.
Goodlight offers vegan Hanukkah candles that are made from GMO-free palm wax. They are also REACH compliant, which means they meet regulations that protect both humans and the planet, as a whole.
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Modern Tribe’s Soy Vey Eco-Friendly Hanukkah Candles are unfortunately sold out right now, but when they’re back in stock, you’d best believe we’ll be ordering a pack for ourselves. As the name explains, these candles are made from 100 percent soy wax, ensuring that neither you, nor the animals, will be suffering as a result of buying and burning these babies. Plus, the name is hilarious, and you should definitely repurpose the packaging.
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Not only are these organic vegetable wax candles plant-based and pesticide-free, but they’re also made in the U.S. — meaning transportation emissions are minimal. They’re also biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and petroleum-, lead-, and dye-free. And with 100 percent cotton wicks and recycled paper boxes, they’re eco-friendly from start to finish.
In addition to making sure your candles are eco-friendly, there are many other ways to ensure you’re celebrating Hanukkah sustainably.
There are many durable menorahs that will last you a lifetime — inheriting one from family or finding one on is a good place to start. Opting for a plant-based latke or sufganiyot recipe is also an easy way to make sure your festivities aren’t taking a toll on the planet. Just make sure you’re safely disposing of all the leftover oil when you’re done cooking with it.
And finally, staying away from plastic dreidels, and exchanging eco-friendly gifts is an easy way to keep your impact low this holiday season — with all that in mind, happy Hanukkah!
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