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With an interdisciplinary focus, Environmental Studies systematically examines human interaction with the natural environment.
The environmental studies curriculum provides interdisciplinary, career-focused majors and a minor. An integral part of the program is the use of the greater Chicago metropolitan region as a laboratory for study.
There is an increasing public demand for more environmentally friendly products and services. Our metropolitan Chicago location provides a multitude of opportunities for students to gain real-world experiences while participating in and developing innovative sustainability initiatives for both the public and private sectors. Classroom instruction, internships, fieldwork, and research projects are combined with field trips, guest speakers, and practical experiences to provide a comprehensive learning experience.
In spring 2018, the prestigious Arthur Vining Davis Foundations awarded Elmhurst University a planning grant that enabled the University to begin the development of the program.
Major or Minor in Environmental Studies
An increasing sense of global urgency has created a demand for environmental experts. Students with a degree in environmental studies pursue careers in a variety of fields depending on their interests, skills, and experience. Careers for environmental studies majors include:
A degree in environmental studies also prepares students for graduate study in a variety of disciplines and programs. Among the possibilities are advanced degrees in environmental studies, political science, environmental ethics/philosophy, urban studies and planning, communications, geography, geographical information systems, law, public administration, and natural sciences.
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