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Nov. 30 2023, Published 4:25 p.m. ET
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If you’re environmentally conscious, chances are you’ve been making small changes to your daily routine. One of the biggest changes you can make is swapping your daily coffee or water out for a reusable bottle and making use of a glass or paper straw.
But, as many people who have used paper straws can attest, not all paper straws are made the same. Check out this list of the best eco-friendly paper straws that won’t get soggy in your drink.
These bamboo paper straws by Kikkerland Design are printed with a beautiful design in food-safe ink. The company also carries a wide variety of eco-friendly and biodegradable straws if you’re not interested in paper, including straws actually made of bamboo and stainless steel straws. You’ll never want to use plastic again!
These fun, multi-color compostable straws from company Earth’s Natural Alternative have a wide variety of fun colors sure to make your next garden party or bash a success. The straws are 100 percent compostable and made from soy-based ink, so not only do they look gorgeous, they’re great for the environment.
These White Eco-Flex Paper Straws from the company Aardvark accomplish what many other paper straws cannot: they bend! If you’re having a conference or hosting a large gathering with friends, just know that these bendable paper straws are not only safe for the environment, they also function like your favorite plastic straws.
Adorable Snowflakes Paper Straws from the company Roc Paper Straws is the perfect addition to your winter decor. According to the Roc Paper website, even the product boxes used to deliver your straws are composed of recycled materials for an altogether sustainable purchase.
These jumbo Kraft Paper Straws from Green Paper Products are the classic, oversized paper products you need in your life. Not only are they perfect for your iced coffees, teas, milks and juices but they’re microwave safe and gluten free. However, we wouldn’t recommend using your straws in hot liquids.
Okay, okay, so the Compostable Ocean-friendly PHA Straws from Repurpose aren’t exactly paper. “PHA straws” are made of canola and soy seed oil, but that doesn’t make them any less sustainable. The Repurpose straws are 100 percent compostable and degradable in marine environments, just make sure you don’t use them in hot liquids (coffee, tea, etc.)
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