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An Executive Voices Blog by Fernanda Abreu, VP of Licensing and Talent Agency at Endemol Shine Brasil
Consumer demand for sustainable products continues to grow. A recent survey by The Economist found consumers believe that brands bear as much responsibility as governments do when it comes to creating positive change for the environment. In fact, over the past five years, online searches for sustainable products have increased 71% globally, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit.
For brand owners looking to tap into this growing demand, digitalization represents a significant opportunity. In addition to allowing brand owners to easily expand into new markets, digitalization can also be pitched as a sustainable alternative to more traditional consumer products categories.
Digitalization is the adaptation of traditional brands into the virtual world. This can be done in a number of ways, including the development and commercialization of electronic games or participation in the Metaverse. In addition to extending their products and services into new categories, this process also allows brand owners to connect with Gen Z and Gen Alpha consumers as well as create new opportunities for existing fans to interact with the IP.
An exciting example of this strategy is MasterChef Brasil. The brand’s physical, licensed consumer products program is complemented by digital activations. These activations include recipes, classes, and exclusive content.
The demand for these types of sustainable brand extensions in Brazil is growing steadily. Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental issues and seeking eco-friendly options. This trend is expected to continue, driven by rising environmental consciousness, government initiatives, and a growing middle class prioritizing sustainability. The market for sustainable products in Brazil has significant growth potential in the coming years.
As a result, the demand for digital offerings like mobile games and the Metaverse in Brazil, specifically, is strong and growing. Younger consumers are spending more time online, and their parents are increasingly interested in these categories to connect with their children. However, parents are also mindful of maintaining a balance with physical activities, development, and traditional play. This balanced approach ensures that while children enjoy and benefit from digital engagement, they also continue to develop holistically. This trend is expected to continue, with increasing digital engagement complemented by an emphasis on overall well-being. The future looks promising for these digital markets in Brazil.
To take advantage of these expanding opportunities and to connect with brand owners, manufacturers, and retailers in Brazil, make plans to attend Licensing Con 2024 in São Paulo on August 28th and 29th. This event is the key to opening doors to the companies and brands that represent the biggest opportunities for the rest of the world.
Endemol Shine Brasil is a division of Banijay, the largest producer and distributor of independent content in the world. Endemol Shine Brasil creates and produces non-fiction, fiction, and documentary content for all platforms and has in its catalog national and worldwide successes, including the production and distribution of titles such as MasterChef Brasil, The Masked Singer Brasil, Canta Comigo, Rolling Kitchen, The Bridge Brasil, Queen Stars Brasil, and Big Brother Brasil. Endemol Shine Brasil is also specialized in brand licensing, with more than 300 licensed products and digital initiatives, creating dynamic multiplatform strategies and content for brands and channels.
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