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Hankook, a premium tyre manufacturer, unveils the iON evo, the first EV summer tyre with ISCC PLUS certification (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification).
Derived from the Hankook iON Race tyre, used exclusively in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship since 2023, the iON evo is composed of 45% sustainable raw materials. This innovative tyre is now the original equipment for the updated Porsche Taycan electric sports car, marking the first ISCC PLUS-certified tyre in the premium vehicle manufacturer's lineup.
"The ISCC PLUS-certified iON evo represents the culmination of our ambition to produce truly more sustainable tyres," says Klaus Krause, Vice President and Head of the Europe Technical Center at Hankook.
"We are very proud that our European production plant in Hungary, where the iON evo is produced, is the second Hankook site worldwide to receive the coveted ISCC PLUS certification. Porsche has chosen the iON evo as the original equipment for the new Taycan, which is a significant vote of confidence for us. Thanks to our motorsport-proven technologies, the Hankook tyre, with its increased sustainability and optimised rolling resistance, contributes substantially to extending the range of this high-performance electric sports car," Krause adds.
Despite its high content of 45% sustainable materials, Hankook's developers have enhanced the iON evo's sustainability without compromising on safety and performance. The engineers utilised renewable and recycled materials that provide the same strength, flexibility, and durability as conventional tyre components.
The components include bio-based silica from grain waste, recycled PET textile cord from plastic waste, bio-circular synthetic rubber from bio-circular feedstocks, recycled carbon black from used tyres, and natural resin. Leveraging knowledge from the development of the iON Race tyre used in Formula E, the team successfully integrated these materials into the iON evo.
The new iON evo, featuring the ISCC PLUS logo on its sidewall, debuts as original equipment for the Porsche Taycan in sizes 245/40 R21Y XL (front axle) and 285/35 R21Y XL (rear axle). This advanced tyre incorporates a tread mixture with plant-based oils, enhancing overall sustainability and durability.
The engineers used reinforced materials to increase lateral stiffness and support dynamic driving and sudden lane changes. Insights from previous homologation processes for premium manufacturers further informed the tyre's development.
Like other iON models, the iON evo with ISCC PLUS certification significantly reduces rolling resistance compared to conventional tyres, increasing the Porsche Taycan’s range per battery charge.
Porsche reports that up to 40 additional kilometres are possible thanks to the 21-inch aero wheel from Hankook. By design, it handles the high torque of powerful EVs, ensuring more range per battery charge and providing drivers with enhanced safety and comfort.
Discover the future of sustainable driving with the Hankook iON evo – where advanced technology meets eco-friendly innovation.

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