Lego to Mandate Supplier Sustainability Targets and Annual Reporting – Consumer Goods Technology

The Lego Group has launched a new program that will require its supplier partners to reach certain sustainability goals by 2026. 
New requirements will include:
These begin in 2024 and will require annual reporting from suppliers. 
While the company said it is progressing on its own sustainability measures, over 99% of its total carbon emissions come from outside operations, primarily suppliers. This builds on the Engage-to-Reduce program it introduced in 2014 to help suppliers report environmental data and lower their carbon, water, and forest impacts.
“To put it simply, a net-zero world is simply not possible unless we find solutions that are greater than our own operations,” said Annette Stube, chief sustainability officer at Lego. “We will not be able to meet our sustainability targets alone — we have to work in partnership with our suppliers.”
The effort is part of Lego’s larger goals to reduce enterprise-wide emissions by 37% by 2032 and achieve net zero by 2050. 
Lego initiatives include: 
“Sustainability is a license to operate and a requirement of how we do business, including how we select our suppliers. We have ideas and we have a pathway, but we cannot do it alone,” said Carsten Rasmussen, COO. “We need all our great partners to help us achieve our sustainability targets. The Supplier Sustainability Program is founded on collaboration and we cannot underestimate the power of working together to create real, lasting change and a more sustainable future.”