Lidl, WWF Team To Tackle Sustainability Issues – Store Brands Magazine

Lidl and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are partnering on an international and strategic partnership in 31 countries with a focus on accelerating the retailer’s sustainability efforts. 
Officials with the grocery retailer said the new partnership will focus on several key areas. They include conservation and promotion of biodiversity; responsible management of water resources; climate protection through science-based climate targets; and building and expanding traceable, deforestation-free, and conversion-free supply chains.
Other areas of focus are the responsible sourcing of critical raw materials such as palm oil, soy, cocoa, tea, coffee, wood, and paper products; responsible sourcing of farmed and wild-caught seafood including the safeguarding of critical fishing grounds and stocks; engaging in advocacy for more conscientious, sustainable diets and consumption; and reduction of food waste
“At Lidl, we are giving our customers affordable access to healthy fresh foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, and other vegetarian, vegan, and organic options,” said Joel Rampoldt, CEO of Lidl US. “We’re excited to be part of this larger partnership with WWF and we are confident that together, we’ll find innovative ways to deliver on our goal of creating a better tomorrow.”
Kirsten Schuijt, Director General WWF International, added, “The way we produce and consume food and energy is one of the leading drivers of nature loss and climate change. In order to halt and reverse what is the biggest crisis facing humanity today, we need bold and urgent actions towards changing our food and energy systems, and the food and retail sector has a big role to play in driving this change. As one of the largest retailers, Lidl has enormous international leverage to drive sustainable change in the food and retail industry. WWF is proud to accompany Lidl on this journey.”