Prince William adopts fun, eco-friendly transportation at Windsor Castle –

The prince surprises everyone with this action
Prince William has been seen taking a ride through the gardens of Windsor Castle in an electric vehicle, a transportation option that has recently gained popularity for its practicality. This type of vehicle is ideal for moving from one point to another in not very long distances and on flat roads, offering an ecological and playful form of transport without polluting.
The royal observers did not miss a single movement of the royal family. They caught the unusual sight of the 42-year-old Prince of Wales as he turned a corner and sped through a gate in the grounds of Windsor Castle in his electric vehicle as if he were a child having fun in his garden.
Prince William surprised when he was spotted riding an electric scooter, observers captured him as he crossed the gardens of Windsor Castle.
He was dressed as usual in an elegant way, with a white shirt under a plain blue sweater, black pants and casual shoes suitable for riding on such an electric vehicle.
Kensington Palace has not confirmed whether the prince regularly uses the scooter to meet the monarch. However, given the size of the estate, going on foot might not be the most practical option. The entire estate is just over a square mile and includes a golf course, Frogmore House and Frogmore Cottage.
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