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Sweep is not just helping others to be better – it has its own lofty sustainability goals. 
Over 90% of companies aren’t measuring their emissions regularly and accurately BCG reports.
Enter Sweep, a sustainability data management platform helping companies to track and report their environmental impact accurately. 
Rachel Delacour, Sweep’s Co-Founder and CEO, says: “Every company is poised to disrupt the climate crisis and build a sustainable future. 
“Those that take every possible action today will become the Forever Companies of tomorrow. 
“Sweep provides the tools needed to tackle the complexities of sustainability data management, to accelerate climate action”.
Sweep can cut reporting time by half using its automated internal control systems and offers services in carbon accounting, ESG tracking and meeting disclosure requirements.
Founded in 2020, the company is partnered with giants including AWS, KPMG and Fujitsu.
The company doesn’t just help others be more sustainable – as a certified B Corp it holds itself to high environmental standards. 
Sweep uses its own tools to manage these goals and standards, so they obviously work.
Getting B Corp certification isn’t easy. It requires committing to a list of ‘best practices’ in social, environmental and governance work.  
On top of this, as sustainability practices evolve, ‘best practice’ is constantly changing so a B Corp needs to keep innovating to remain certified. 
Sweep’s software offers a centralised platform to track carbon and ESG data, manage value chain emissions, meet disclosure requirements and prepare for audits. 
Having easy access to all of this data allows companies to build data-driven sustainability strategies.
Sweep’s position as a world-leading sustainability data management software has been cemented in a report by IDC Marketscape.
IDC reviewed more than 100 vendors and shortlisted 21, scoring Sweep the highest for “Strategies”, and in the top three for “Product Capabilities”. 
This placed Sweep above software giants including Microsoft, IBM and Salesforce.
French media holding company Groupe TF1 has long held ambitious carbon reduction targets but was struggling to calculate its carbon footprint at different levels of the organisation.
TF1 was using multiple spreadsheets to manage their data, leaving room for human error and making it hard to compare figures. 
Mélissa Saint-Fort, ESG Director at TF1 says: “We knew we needed a new solution.
“Sweep was the best tool on the market for putting all of our data into a single source of truth and visualising where carbon emissions were highest. We see it as unrivalled for its ability to track carbon and ESG data”
Using Sweep, TF1 is able to calculate a granular carbon footprint and identify the most efficient ways to implement its carbon reduction strategy. 
Mélissa says: “We’ve been able to set up more precise collection processes, more detailed and methodical calculations, and bring the whole of our value chain on board. 
“Now our target is to automate these steps, in order to consolidate the calculation of our carbon footprint in the long term.”
Scottish energy company SSE faced similar problems, with auditors struggling to interpret various spreadsheets with multiple versions across different business units. 
SSE tried to address this by building an in-house data system but found it required more resources than anticipated. 
Rhys Williams, Sustainability Manager for SSE, says: “With Sweep, we now have all of our climate and nature data in a structured, easy-to-read format that we know is a single source of truth. 
“We no longer have discussions around which version is correct – we know that the data in Sweep is accurate, enabling us to report information to external partners at the click of a button.”

Sweep works with lots of business giants, including BlackRock, Bouygues Group, and L’Oréal.

It’s not just conforming to rules and regulations, Sweep also encourages companies to do good outside of where they’re required, like encouraging transparency.
Sustainability management software encompasses systems and tools to help organisations manage their sustainable transformations in different ways. 

This could include managing emissions data, setting reduction targets, tracking carbon emissions across the value chain, and reporting for regulatory requirements. 

Sweep covers all of these realms in one platform, but other software is used across the industry.
These include IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, Microsoft Sustainability Cloud, Sphera and Plan A.
Software tools help companies reduce costs, gain better insight, quantify the impact of risk and even increase revenue. 
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