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by Tina Olivero
By Tina Olivero
In an era where sustainability is more critical than ever, innovative architecture is leading the charge in the fight against climate change. Across the globe, architects and engineers are creating buildings that not only serve their intended purposes but also minimize environmental impact. Here, we highlight ten of the most groundbreaking sustainable buildings worldwide, each a testament to the potential of green design.
1: Shanghai Tower, China
At the heart of Shanghai’s financial district stands the Shanghai Tower, a 128-story marvel completed in 2008. This building is a beacon of sustainability, reducing its carbon footprint by 34,000 tonnes annually. Its smart control systems monitor and optimize electricity consumption, resulting in energy cost savings of $556,000 per year. Designed to capture rainwater for internal use and twisted to reduce wind load by 24%, it also boasts wind turbines generating 350,000 kWh of electricity annually.
Website: Shanghai Tower
CEO: Ge Qing
2: Olympic House, Switzerland
Olympic House in Lausanne, Switzerland, is a paragon of green building design. Opened in 2019 by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), it features solar panels and heat pumps that draw energy from Lake Geneva. Aiming to use 35% less energy than comparable buildings, it has earned the highest possible LEED Platinum certification. Olympic House exemplifies the IOC’s commitment to sustainability and the principles of the Olympic Agenda 2020.
Website: Olympic House
CEO: Christophe De Kepper (Director General, IOC)
Inside Olympic House, the Olympics's Exceptional New HQ That Seamlessly Blends Into the Environment | Architectural Digest
3: The Crystal, UK
Located in London’s Royal Docks, The Crystal is an all-electric building heated by ground source heat pumps and powered in part by solar energy. It was developed by Siemens as a hub for sustainable urban development and incorporates cutting-edge technologies for energy management. The Crystal’s rainwater harvesting system and solar heating capabilities make it a standout in sustainable architecture.
Website: The Crystal
CEO: Roland Busch (Siemens AG)
Event — The Crystal: A Sustainable Cities Initiative by Siemens
4: Bank of America Tower, USA
New York City’s Bank of America Tower is a skyscraper that exemplifies sustainable design. As the first building in NYC to achieve Platinum LEED certification, it uses a natural gas-fueled power plant to meet 70% of its annual electricity needs. Waste heat from this plant powers steam and chilling systems for heating and cooling, significantly reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.
Website: Bank of America Tower
CEO: Brian Moynihan
Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park / Cook + Fox Architects | ArchDaily
5: Sun-Moon Mansion, China
Dezhou’s Sun-Moon Mansion is a solar-powered giant within China’s “Solar Valley.” Its fan-shaped roof is covered with over 5000 solar panels, providing energy for its hotel, research facilities, meeting rooms, and exhibition center. The building’s integration of photothermal and photovoltaic technologies saves 2.5 tonnes of coal and 6.6 million kWh of electricity annually, preventing over 8.6 tonnes of toxic emissions.
Website: Himin Solar
CEO: Huang Ming
Sun Moon Mansion (China)
6: Taipei Financial Centre, Taiwan
Standing 508 meters tall, Taipei 101 was the world’s first building to exceed 500 meters in height. Achieving LEED Platinum certification, it has significantly reduced its energy consumption, cutting 33.41 million kWh annually and saving over $2 million each year. Innovations include low-flow water fixtures and mercury-free lighting, all contributing to its status as a leading green skyscraper.
Website: Taipei 101
CEO: Angela Chang
TaiPei 101 Tower | USG
7: One Central Park, Australia
One Central Park in Sydney is a dual high-rise that has set new standards for residential and commercial buildings. Awarded a 5-star Green Star rating, it features green walls, a water recycling system, and an array of sustainability measures, including car-sharing programs and sewer mining. Its design integrates nature with urban living, making it a model of eco-friendly development.
Website: One Central Park
CEO: Rob Stokes (Chairman of Frasers Property Australia)
One Central Park / Ateliers Jean Nouvel | ArchDaily
8: Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, India
Hyderabad’s Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre is a commercial building with a 5-star rating from India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency. It features vegetated roofs and solar panels that cover 60% of its surface, generating enough power to meet 20% of its energy needs. The building’s advanced water recycling systems further enhance its green credentials.
Website: CII-Godrej GBC
CEO: Jamshyd Godrej
NZEB Tour | Indian Green Business Centre (IGBC) - NZEB
9: Cube Building, Germany
Berlin’s Cube Building, inaugurated in 2020, is a striking office space near the central station. Its unique glass façade reflects light like a kaleidoscope and is designed to be highly energy-efficient. Solar energy powers the building, while smart technology optimizes energy usage based on real-time data, making it a model of modern, sustainable office design.
Website: Cube Berlin
CEO: Werner Sobek (Designer, Engineer)
cube berlin: a kaleidoscopic reflection of Berlin : DesignWanted
10: CopenHill, Denmark
CopenHill in Copenhagen is not just a waste-to-energy plant; it’s also a social hub with a ski slope on its roof. Opened in 2019, it converts 440,000 tonnes of waste into clean energy annually, serving 680,000 people. Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), CopenHill is a unique blend of functionality and recreation, embodying the future of sustainable urban infrastructure.
Website: CopenHill
CEO: Bjarke Ingels (Founder, BIG)
Inside A Sustainable Power Plant With A Ski Slope On Its Roof

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