Vallon unveils the "Malizia" eco-friendly sunglasses developed with Boris Herrmann –
Vallon announces the launch of “Malizia” sunglasses, developed in partnership with German skipper Boris Herrmann. These innovative sunglasses combine performance and respect for the environment, with frames made from recycled fishing nets and a significant contribution to mangrove reforestation.
Vallon, a brand renowned for its eco-responsible products, chose to team up with Boris Herrmann, a German skipper and climate ambassador who races in the IMOCA class, to create a pair of glasses that meet the needs of modern sailors. The result of this collaboration is the “Malizia” sunglasses, designed to offer optimum protection for sailors on long sea crossings.
Team Malizia, headed by Boris Herrmann, has been in the news, not least for carrying Greta Thunberg on her Atlantic crossing in 2019. This team participates in ocean races, seeking to convey a message for a sustainable future.
The “Malizia” sunglasses are distinguished by their innovative manufacture from recycled fishing nets, helping to reduce marine waste. ” The frames are made from 85% recycled fishing nets, offering a sustainable solution without compromising quality “explains a Vallon technician. Polarized lenses guarantee the optical clarity essential for sailing conditions at sea, cancelling out reflections. These unisex glasses are designed for navigators, sailors, fishermen and water sports enthusiasts. They offer total UV protection and high impact resistance.
For every pair of “Malizia” glasses sold, Vallon commits to planting 10 mangrove trees in the Malizia Mangrove Park, which has already surpassed the one million mark. What’s more, each pair helps clean up 1 kg of plastic waste, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to preserving the oceans.
The glasses’ packaging is also designed to minimize the ecological footprint, with a plastic-free box and a cord to prevent them from being lost at sea.
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