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The second such conference, “Climate Crisis and Sustainability of the Vine Sector,” took place in Heraklion, Crete, on Monday, July 1st. It was organized by the Hellenic Wine Association with the Network of Winemakers of Crete—Wines of Crete. (See PDF)
The conference saw distinguished scientists and leading wine market professionals from Greece and abroad discuss the European situation for future sustainability in a forum, including the challenges and opportunities. Dr. Ignacio Ricarte Sanchez, Secretary General of the Pan-European Organization CEEV, emphasised the need for a single European strategy to adopt understandable and easy-to-implement sustainability models adapted to the wine sector and adequately communicate the sector’s positive contribution.
Ms Michelle Bouffard, author/journalist, a prominent personality in the Canadian wine market, and founder of the TASTE CLIMATE CHANGE conferences, also joined the forum. After analysing the risks, her input focused on best practices, emphasising regenerative viticulture and, in general, the proper management of the vineyard, with an emphasis on water but also on critical issues of processing and packaging.
Ms. Emma Fourdan, team leader for Europe, Middle East, and Africa of the emerging Ireland-based Carbon Space, spoke about the latest developments in the knowledge of the CO2 footprint and presented CarbonSpace’s innovative solutions for the direct measurement of the carbon footprint in the wine sector.
The president of the internationally acclaimed environmental company EQUALITAS also presented. Mr Riccardo Ricci Curbastro contributed to the Equalitas Standard for the wine supply chain’s ecological, economic, and social certification.
During the Conference, a memorandum of understanding and cooperation was signed between the Hellenic Wine Association and Equalitas. The two organizations share the common goal of supporting businesses in the Greek wine industry’s production, processing, and marketing sectors to pursue socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable business development.
Winemaker, CEO of Ms Yiannis, and Vice-President of the Greek Wine Association, Mr Stellios Boutaris, presented Ms Yiannis’ experience on the road to sustainable development. In the context of this, the company measured the carbon footprint of its two Estates in Naoussa and Amyntaio, receiving the ISO 14064 certificate. It is now the first Greek company to be accepted into the family of the International Wineries for Climate Action organization.
Finally, two very interesting round-table discussions were organized to conclude the conference. In the first, entitled Sustainable Viticulture adapted to the place, climatic conditions, and people, Ioannis Vogiatzis, Theodoros Georgopoulos, Stefanos Koundouras, and Dimitris Taskos participated.
In the second, which specifically concerned Crete and had the title: Sustainable viticulture in Crete, findings, concerns and suggestions, Zacharias Diamantakis, Oenologist, Nikos Maggis, Agronomist of Heraklion, and Viticulture Agronomists Dimitris Tsoupeis and Nikos Somarakis participated.
From the very interesting interventions and the exchanges of views that followed, it was established that local bodies must cooperate to plan and implement immediate actions and medium-term goals. It also became clear that the sector’s initiative at all levels must be intensified in an organised manner.
The SEO, in collaboration with its member Regional Associations, will take initiatives in the next period in the direction of specific actions to deal with the effects of the climate crisis on our vineyards and businesses.
This was followed by the SEO’s annual regular General Assembly, in which the attached resolution was signed by the members of the Greek Wine Association and Wines of Crete for the establishment of a national strategic plan for the sustainability of the Greek vineyard in climate crisis conditions.
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