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MACOMB/MOLINE, IL – – “Aquatic Environmental Systems: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Scientists and Engineers,” written by WIU Professor Roger Viadero, Jr., was recently released by Talyor & Francis Publishing. The book addresses the pressing need for comprehensive materials that cater to students and practitioners with diverse backgrounds in environmental science.

In a field as broad as environmental science, it is crucial to provide resources that facilitate the growth of knowledge across various disciplines including biology, chemistry and engineering disciplines, among many others. Professor Viadero’s book offers a unique perspective by focusing on fundamental principles to help readers understand, describe and predict the complex interactions and movements of constituents within aquatic systems, including rivers, lakes, groundwater and the atmosphere.

He emphasizes the importance of developing a common vocabulary and employing a rigorous material balance-based approach to understand and describe the movements and interactions of living and nonliving components of aquatic ecosystems. It delves into key properties of water and the impact these unique characteristics have on aquatic environmental systems.

Key Features of “Aquatic Environmental Systems: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Scientists and Engineers” include:

Professor Viadero’s book is set to become an essential resource for students, researchers and professionals in the field of environmental science and engineering, offering a fresh perspective and a comprehensive approach to understanding aquatic environmental systems.

To learn more about the book, visit bit.ly/3GtHGdb. For more information on WIU’s Environmental Science program, visit wiu.edu/graduate_studies/programs_of_study/environsci_profile.php.
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