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Traveling is one of the best ways to rest your body and soul and recharge from everyday obligations. One of the newest green trends is the concept of eco-tourism which ties two beautiful ideas together – the love for traveling and the love for our planet.
Numerous resorts and destinations have worked their way up to the eco standards so they can proudly present as eco-conscious for all the tourists out there that care about sustainable vacations. Here is our list of luxury destinations you probably did not know were great for green tourism.
This gorgeous European county is often underestimated as a travel destination idea, which is definitely a mistake. Slovenia has vivid natural beauty, modern cities, and old towns that smell of history.
Besides being a beautiful country, Slovenia is famous for being big on green policies. Ljubljana,  the capital city of Slovenia got the title of the world's greenest City in 2016.  around 3/4 of energy resource comes from sustainable sources such as water power in Slovenia.
So, if you are up to having a blast, and an active vacation in the mountains but also experiencing the culture and the perks of modern cities, and all that while staying green, we suggest you visit Slovenia.

Perhaps you did not know this, but Italy is a country that is working very hard on having more green policy destinations ready for new groups of tourists. Italy may not be something you would normally associate with green tourism, but actually, it was one of the first countries that went in that direction.
So technically Italy is both old and new in the world of eco-tourism. The global pandemic slowed down this process of going green in tourism, so Italia is still trying to catch up with that. This country has numerous small villages with rich histories and breathtaking nature, which are currently promoted as popular options for eco-friendly destinations.
It seems like the perfect combination of the luxury vacation, sustainable visit, and exploring nature is definitely the biggest thing to draw new eco-tourists to Italy. Glamping is especially popular in Italy, but if that is not your cup of espresso, you can always look for luxurious Puglia villas that are a dream come true.

Norway is one of the best green tourism options for all of you who enjoy adventures and active vacations. Literally the perfect place for eco-tourism. Norway is one of the pioneers in this, not only in the area of tourism, but generally in this green state of mind, love for nature, and keeping it sustainable.
Hiking, kayaks, incredible mountains, and Norwegian beaches are something that should not be missed. Imagine seeing Aurora Borealis live at least once in your life! That natural beauty is impossible to be described with words, you simply have to experience it.
That experience alone would be worth the travel, plus a lot more that will come along on every corner. Some life-changing experiences cannot be paid for with money, but you can surely put your Norwegian fairytale on a credit card.
If taking major trips to Europe is not quite what you had in mind for a luxury holiday, you can always create your own eco-friendly luxury experience right in the center of the world.
New York City is on the list of most wanted cities for every secret service on the planet. It’s where everything is happening – always, at the same time. And where everybody wants to be.

Central Park
Rent a monthly stay in New York and design your fancy holiday centered around making ecological and conscious decisions. Discover planet-friendly events, activities, and initiatives. Enjoy cultural and artistic venues focused on climate change, for example.
Plan your meals in restaurants that promote healthy food choices. Cycle your way through Central Park and reduce your carbon footprint to a minimum. You can do it!
If you are one of the lucky owners of luxury credit cards, you should know there is more to it than a nice amount of money. These cards can be your best friends on the road, giving you a VIP status for travels, and a lot of other fun additions.
If you do not have a credit card, shortly, that is a wonderful piece of plastic (more and more companies are making them from recycled plastic or metal) that allows you to lend money from the card issuer to pay for services and things.
After that, you pay back that loan in monthly installments or in total, whichever is more convenient for you. So, if you have a luxurious trip in mind, a new car, or anything that requires a larger amount of money, getting a card can set you up for it.
These were our ideas for green luxury destinations, and there are and will be many more to see and experience. Green tourism is taking over just yet, so be ready for so much more. Travel safely and stay green!


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