Cars And Weed: Huge Newark Cannabis Dispensary Gets Green Light – Patch

NEWARK, NJ — A new cannabis dispensary has gotten a green light from Newark planning officials, with plans to open to the public this summer: Smoking Classics.
The plan is to convert a vacant car sales and auto body shop into a 26,000-square-foot marijuana dispensary at 255-263 Elizabeth Avenue in Newark, Jersey Digs reported.
The business’ owners – two Newark natives – offered some details about their plans for the property in a recent classified post on Patch:
The sprawling dispensary will also be a tribute to an era defined by movies, hip-hop, tv and the rise of the internet, a social media post says:
“After recently meeting with the Planning and Zoning Office of Newark in January 2024, we have been finally approved for development,” the news release stated.
“Smoking Classics is more than just a dispensary – it’s a lifestyle,” said Aamir Williams, executive of operations and marketing.
“We want to provide a welcoming space where people can explore the diverse world of cannabis, from its therapeutic benefits to the joy of recreational use,” Williams said. “Our team is excited to become an integral part of Newark’s vibrant culture.”
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