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ROCHESTER, N.Y. —  The arrival of warmer weather means the return of mosquitoes. They thrive when there is moisture and humidity.
That means it’s also time to take preventative measures to reduce breeding sites and protect ourselves from bites. There are new environmentally friendly methods being promoted as safer alternatives to traditional pesticide spraying.
"We’re setting up mosquito care, and we’re using an In2Care system, which is a set of receptacles that we place out that help to control the populations around your home," said Jasmine Almetere from Residential & Commercial Pest Pros.
The receptacles are designed to target mosquitoes so homeowners like Lauren Burruto can enjoy their backyard this summer.
"We have a little standing water in the backyard that stays with us for a while into the spring. We like to entertain outside and be able to enjoy this beautiful backyard, and to be able to enjoy it without mosquitoes would be nice," said Burruto.
"It’s a slurry in here that attracts mosquitoes to want to lay their larva within the receptacle. So you’re not just controlling the mosquitoes on this property, but on other properties beyond your yard," Almeter added.
The receptacles are an eco-friendly alternative to pesticide spraying, which can be harmful to the body. Jasmine says they also have the same protection time.
"Safer for me, in my opinion, and for the customers that don’t like a pesticide applied around the whole property, or for people that don’t want to affect things like their pollinators around their yard, these receptacles are a great option," Almeter emphasized.
If mosquitoes are a pest in your life, here are some tips to deal with them: