Economy, migration and climate change on voters' minds ahead of elections – Euronews

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Euronews correspondents spoke to European citizens in Brussels about what their main concerns are ahead of the EU vote.
The economy is one of Europeans main concerns as citizens prepare to go to the polls this weekend to choose their next representatives, according to chief analyst of the Euronews Polls Centre, Boyd Wagner. In second place, migration remains a hot topic for residents across every European country.
“All our economies are so interlinked. We have local problems as well in Ireland. It continues to be a massive housing crisis. Cost of living crisis. I don’t think politicians are taking seriously these issues, especially European Parliament politicians,” an Irish man told Euronews.
For others, climate remains a priority.
“It’s important to me that we manage to become climate neutral as European Union and we get on the path to that,” a teacher from Germany told Euronews. She also said it is important to ensure that being climate aware becomes socially acceptable.
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