Environment and Conservation Fund – 30 years of commitment to environmental protection and nature conservation – South China Morning Post

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This year, the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) sees its 30th anniversary, marking three decades of unwavering commitment to Hong Kong's environment and nature conservation.
Established in June 1994 under the Environment and Conservation Fund Ordinance (Cap. 450), the ECF has been a key force in promoting sustainable practices and raising environmental awareness throughout the community.
To commemorate this significant milestone, the ECF Committee is hosting a series of events, starting with a grand launching ceremony with its partners on June 3.
During the ceremony, ECF's new logo and visual identity were introduced, which symbolises the Fund's ongoing commitment to supporting environmental and nature conservation projects. The seed in the logo represents ECF's role in funding initiatives that grow and flourish, contributing to a greener community.
Since its inception, the ECF has received significant government support. Between its establishment and 2012, the Fund received six injections totalling approximately HK$1.7 billion.
In 2013, the Government further boosted the Fund by injecting an additional HK$5 billion as a seed fund to ensure sustained support for future environment and nature conservation projects.
Managed by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the ECF's investments aim to generate returns that support education, research and community initiatives related to environmental protection and nature conservation in Hong Kong.
The ECF's mandate, overseen by the Secretary for the Environment and Ecology, includes reviewing and approving funding applications from eligible local organisations, monitoring project implementation and promoting environmental awareness.
Reflecting on 30 years of environmental achievements
The 30th anniversary is not only a time for looking ahead, but also for reflection.
The ECF will be showcasing its achievements, highlighting the 7,000 projects it has funded over the years with over HK$4 billion, advancing Hong Kong's environmental policies and public awareness.
These projects span community waste reduction, environmental education, nature conservation, biodiversity promotion, shoreline cleaning, climate action and environmental research. Their success highlights ECF's pivotal role in shaping government policy and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility among Hongkongers.
The anniversary events will also outline the ECF's goals, including cultivating innovations in 'green tech', which involves applying environmentally friendly innovations and practices designed to conserve natural resources, reduce carbon footprints and promote sustainable development.
In a broader context, the Fund aims to continue to support local organisations in achieving sustainable development goals, such as resource conservation, environmental protection and the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality.
Cultivating a greener future with seed funding
The ECF's journey began with the metaphorical planting of seeds, representing the initial funding and support for environment and nature conservation projects. Over the years, these seeds have grown into robust initiatives that deliver tangible benefits to the community.
As the ECF moves forward, it aims to cultivate new ideas and projects, transforming Hong Kong into a living forest of sustainability.
In line with Hong Kong's broader sustainable development goals, the ECF remains committed to improving the quality of the city's built environment.
Eligible individuals and organisations – from community organisations and educational institutions to NGOs and charities – are therefore encouraged to apply for funding and actively participate in environmental protection.
By launching, participating in or organising environmental projects, the community can collectively contribute to the goals of resource conservation, waste reduction and carbon neutrality.
The ECF's mission is to inspire low-carbon living and collaborative efforts towards sustainable development.  The 30th anniversary of ECF stands as a testament to Hong Kong's long-term commitment to environmental protection.
The Fund will continue to play a key role in the city's journey towards sustainability, ensuring a harmonious co-existence between man and nature.
For more information on the Environment and Conservation Fund and its initiatives, please visit the ECF’s website. Join us as we come to this important milestone of the remarkable journey and look forward to a future of continued environmental excellence.