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Sustainable Design China Summit will be held from 19 to 21 June 2024 in Shanghai
The Sustainable Design China Summit will take place from 19 to 21st June, and it will be held in tandem with Design Shanghai to inspire each other and jointly create a new wave of sustainable development.
The summit serves as an international forum for thought leaders, architects, designers, and innovators alike, to gather, explore and work towards building a sustainable future.
The goal of the event is to explore possibilities and share innovative insights and solutions that can point us towards a more sustainable future. 
The “Retail renaissance: Mall Culture and Sustainability”, “Well + Good: The rise of Positive Impact Hospitality & Eco-travel”, “The economics of Climate change: how Green Fintech is revolutionising Sustainable Financing”, “Beyond buildings: Urban sustainability and Smart Cities”, “3D printing in design: transforming the world of design and architecture” and “Future space: Where technology and Sustainability meet” are among this year’s topics.
Sustainability editor Juliet Kinsman, Anabeya co-founder Asha Lad, Hang Lung Properties sustainability deputy director John Hafner are among the speakers of this year’s event. 
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The World Architecture Community is media partner for the Sustainable Design China Summit 2024.
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