Virtusa's Commitment to Environmental Sustainability: Reducing Carbon Footprint and Promoting Green Practices –

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Amit Bajoria, CFO, Virtusa
Virtusa is actively implementing various initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices. These include enhancing energy efficiency by adopting energy-efficient technologies and optimizing data center operations, integrating renewable energy sources like solar panels, and managing its carbon footprint through targeted emission reduction programs. The company also promotes sustainable office practices, such as reducing paper usage through digitalization and implementing recycling programs and works with suppliers to ensure sustainable practices throughout its supply chain. Employee engagement is fostered through sustainability awareness programs and training, encouraging green habits both at work and at home. Virtusa also integrates sustainability into its product development, creating solutions that help clients reduce their environmental impact. Additionally, the company participates in community engagement and CSR activities focused on environmental sustainability, such as tree-planting drives and supporting environmental NGOs. Pursuing green building certifications and complying with international sustainability standards, Virtusa aligns its goals with frameworks like the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), aiming to contribute to global efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainability.
Virtusa Foundation has significantly contributed to lake restoration projects, partnering with local communities and organizations to improve the health and sustainability of water bodies. Through collaborative efforts, Virtusa has implemented various restoration measures such as clearing pollutants, desilting, and introducing native vegetation.
These initiatives have yielded positive outcomes for both local communities and ecosystems. Enhanced water quality and biodiversity resulting from Virtusa’s interventions have created healthier environments for aquatic life and promoted ecological balance. Additionally, Virtusa’s involvement in projects such as the ongoing 2-year restoration of Rangla Kunta Lake in Hyderabad has provided recreational opportunities for residents, contributing to community well-being and engagement.
Moreover, Virtusa Foundation’s participation has raised awareness about environmental conservation and sustainable practices among community members. By actively engaging in restoration efforts, residents have developed a greater sense of environmental stewardship, leading to lasting benefits for ecosystems and communities alike.
Virtusa actively engages local communities in environmental conservation through a variety of impactful initiatives. The company fosters volunteerism among employees and residents by organizing tree-planting drives, clean-up activities, and educational programs on sustainable practices. These efforts not only enhance the local environment but also strengthen community bonds and promote collective responsibility for sustainability.
In addition, Virtusa collaborates with local schools to integrate environmental education into curricula, nurturing a new generation of environmentally conscious individuals. As part of its broader CSR policy, Virtusa has partnered with Youth for Seva, benefiting nearly 15,000 government school children through the Lab on Wheels program and improving the school atmosphere for approximately 3,000 children. These initiatives reflect Virtusa’s commitment to fostering long-term ecological stewardship and empowering communities to actively participate in environmental conservation.
Virtusa is dedicated to furthering environmental sustainability and making a positive impact on the planet through a series of strategic initiatives. Moving forward, we plan to expand our investments in renewable energy, with a focus on solar power, to reduce our carbon footprint and promote clean energy usage. Additionally, we aim to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles within our operations and supply chain, while also enhancing energy management systems to improve efficiency and minimize resource consumption. Moreover, we will continue to prioritize responsible water and waste management practices, including recycling initiatives and waste reduction strategies. Furthermore, we are committed to modernizing our data centers to enhance efficiency and reduce emissions, thus contributing to a more sustainable digital infrastructure. Overall, our goal is to advance environmental sustainability across all facets of our operations and drive positive change for the planet.
At Virtusa, we ensure our environmental initiatives align with global sustainability goals and best practices through a comprehensive approach. We align our efforts with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by 193 countries, making these universal goals a cornerstone of our strategy. Our holistic approach integrates strategy, technology, and engineering expertise, embedding sustainability into the core of business operations. We provide tailored solutions that help clients meet ESG and net-zero targets, enhancing transparency and compliance.
Our sustainability services focus on key areas such as sustainability reporting and compliance, decarbonization and net zero, and climate and nature risk management. We offer advanced tools to improve transparency and data quality in ESG reporting, addressing the challenges of digitization and evolving regulations. Our technological solutions assist businesses in measuring and managing carbon emissions, including supply chain sustainability. Additionally, we help clients identify, assess, and mitigate climate risks, ensuring they are prepared for and can thrive amid environmental challenges. With decades of experience, our team delivers innovative, end-to-end sustainability solutions that drive business success while adhering to global best practices.
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