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Staying close to home tends to make for a more sustainable adventure than venturing out of your local area, as far less travel is required. However, even a day spent nearer to home won’t be 100% sustainable and eco-friendly unless you’re mindful of the small things that can impact your carbon footprint. To keep the environment of your local area healthy and thriving, here are three ways you can have a great time exploring whilst also staying committed to sustainability.
If you’re planning on a full day of exploring, there will undoubtedly be some essentials you’ll need to bring with you. However, for a trip closer to home, you’re likely to need fewer supplies than you would if you were heading out of the area.
By cutting down on some of the items you’d usually pack for a day out, you can also lessen the likelihood that you’ll need to throw one-use items away, ultimately cutting the amount of waste you produce. A good example of this is with food – have a meal before you leave home to avoid purchasing snacks that come in packaging that would end up in landfill.
Ensuring you have the essentials could also mean bringing an umbrella or packing sunscreen to avoid having to buy any new products unnecessarily if the weather changes.
The great thing about exploring your local area is enjoying a walk, cycle, or scooter ride to your destination. Not only can this be an enjoyable activity in itself but it also helps to keep the carbon footprint of your day significantly lower.
Plan your route so you know where you’re going and what to expect. While you might think you know your hometown well, you’ll likely find some new hidden gems when exploring by foot.
Any area can be enjoyed sustainably, whether you’re based in a small, rural village or a big city. You just have to know where to look and keep up to date with the best ways to leave no trace of having been there.
Lean on your community connections to find out about sustainability initiatives in your local area. You may be able to get involved with charity activities, or learn about ways you can help out in your spare time – litter picking and tree planting are great ways to connect with the people around you, and are a rewarding activity for the whole family.
If your idea of a great day out involves shopping or eating out, be mindful about the places you choose to spend your money. To stay true to your sustainable values, try to purchase eco-friendly items only, and sample locally produced dishes wherever possible.
While you’re out exploring, remember that every little helps, and even the smallest of actions can leave a lasting impact on the environment. Have fun mindfully and responsibly, and you’ll feel good about your local adventure.
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