Trinasolar releases sustainability report for 2023 – PV Tech

Trina Solar has released its 2023 sustainability report, reflecting important progress and evolution of milestones linked to its commitment to ESG responsibilities.
“As the world moves steadily towards a sustainable future, green energy and environmental innovation have become critical drivers in shaping the world of tomorrow. Under this global trend, Trinasolar is leading the way in the global energy revolution with technological innovations and sustainable development strategies. We utilize green technology products to advance global low-carbon development and join hands with our global partners to create a new net-zero world. The company has been practicing the six key strategies of “innovation, branding, globalization, platformization, intellectualization and industry-finance synergy” to lead the development of the industry,” were the opening remarks by chairman and CEO Gao Jifan.
Highlights of the report include:
Maintaining extensive R&D investment to advance rapid and quality innovation. Trinasolar continues to advance in technological innovation. In 2023, the company’s investment in research and development reached 785 million dollars. With the latest carrier enhanced sintering and edge passivation technology, its Vertex N-type modules can reach a maximum power of 720.53W and an efficiency of 23.2%.
Product carbon footprint achieving significant reductions compared to baseline. In 2023, Trinasolar’s cell related GHG emissions were reduced to 27.66 tCO2e/MW, a decrease of 43% on the 2020 baseline, with module related emissions reduced to 9.30 tCO2e/MW, a decrease of 61% on the baseline.
An industry first zero-carbon factory certificate was awarded in April 2023 for the company’s Yiwu Technology factory, the facility laying out a green zero-carbon supply chain in all aspects, from product design, carbon footprint and energy management, equipment modification and process upgrades to digital intelligent management system optimization.
The company’s Vertex products have also received international carbon footprint certification from entities including EPD Italy and TÜV Rheinland.
Operating to highest standards of business practices with effective governance. Trina upholds the principles of compliance, ensures the legitimacy and transparency of its business activities and promotes interaction and cooperation among stakeholders, aiming to enhance the company’s reputation for social responsibility. It has been awarded ISO 37301:2021 international standard certification for compliance management by the British Standards Institution, demonstrating its ability to fulfill global business partners’ compliance management requirements.
During the 2023 reporting period, Trinasolar has received recognition for its performance in ESG and sustainability by way of inclusion in Forbes China’s Top 50 Innovative Enterprises and Bloomberg’s Green ESG 50, while also becoming part of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).